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Tailored Training

ComDispatch offer a wide range of training packages, all customised specifically to the clients requirements and system configuration.  Our unique style of classroom-style training provides a one-on-one connection between the ComDispatch Training team and our clients.  As an added assurance all our training programs are competency based and each member of the training session is individual examined and scored to ensure the highest level of product understanding is retained.

E-Learning Training facility

Our training facilities are second to none, enabling all users to feel relaxed no matter what your level of computer literacy is.

The ComDispatch training facilities provide an environment that simulates your day-to-day office environment.  Our applications our located on a server-based testing facility which replicates your live environment, with real data within the confounds of our testing facilities. This method of training prepares the users for the live environment.

The E-learning facility provides trainer and administration with the following information:
  • Full audit history of all functions performed within the application, on a user-by-user basis
  • Full audit history of the functions performed when under the competency based exam
  • Comprehensive tracking of times when each task was performed
ComDispatch has refined this process through years of training experience, and deploys this type of training across all of our three main training divisions; Master Administration, Manager (or Mid-level user) and End-user.  ComDispatch provides all businesses with this facility to ensure everyone is trained equally while maintaining consistent standards.

Providing the right tools

ComDispatch understand that from time to time everyone needs a refresher on the inner working of their applications.  To ensure that everyone is on an equal footing at all times, ComDispatch provides hard-copy manuals along with the deployment of each application, as well as comprehensive, colour-code online help as well.

Through the development of our projects continual updates are always being performed - to ensure our clients are always on top of these changes we distribute regular Technical Updates.
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